When Mel responded to my typical “so what location did you have in mind for your engagement shoot” email with “how about the Secret Garden?” I nearly jumped out of my office chair with joy! I only found out about Perth’s Secret Garden earlier this year, and ever since I saw the photos I have been wanting to go there. Come to think of it, this year has really been a year of discovering amazing new locations in my hometown – haha! Anyway, we had to postpone the engagement shoot because it was raining, and the garden can get super muddy. Then the big day arrived, I always rock up to new locations super early. 1) because I hate being late, and I literally get anxiety thinking about the potential of getting lost, and having to call my client saying I’m running late as the sun is setting, no thanks! 2) because I LOVE to go exploring first, find the cool spots, see how the light is looking, and get my creative juices flowing. I also wear a fitbit, so any excuse for me to get my steps up is a win win!

Anyway, I arrived about an hour early, walked around a bit, found some amazing spots; when it started to drizzle. My stomach sank, I thought to myself, I better call Mel to let her know, so she has the option to reschedule or we can try our luck. Anyway, I called her, and turns out, her and her lovely fiancé Steve were literally parked next to me – ALL THE LOLS. So we decided to jump right in and go for it!!

Now, I’m not gonna like, when a client notices my custom “CRONJE” Nikes (that I wear to EVERY SINGLE SHOOT!) I know we’re going to gel! And the reason Mel noticed them, was that the Secret Garden was EXTREMELY MUDDY! hooley dooley, I was lucky to be in sneakers. Mel + Steve did amazing, trenching through the mud to get the perfect shot! (My Nikes ended up in the washing machine after, and now they’re cleaner than ever, thank goodness!).

Mel + Steve were (are? – I never know what tense to write these blog posts in!) such a cool couple!! Super natural in front of the camera, super in love with each other, they couldn’t stop making each other laugh, they were just as excited about the Garden as I was. The only negative was becuase we both got there so early, we started shooting early, which means we kinda finished early. But don’t worry, when I was in my car about to leave, and I saw that sun setting and coming through the trees, I was like “HELL NO AM I MISSING THIS” So I called Mel, and we did round two. Kudos to them, becuase I know how exhausting it is having to pose and smile in for a camera – it can be hard work. But I loved that they were game for it, and it was definitely worth it. I am so excited for their wedding coming up next Feb, it’s gonna be so dreamy! Especially because Mel + Steve are super laid back, which definitely helps on your big day!




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