Hey hey! I'm Megs, your wedding photographer, soon to be best friend and red wine connoisseur!

Ok, so let me toot my own horn for 5 quick seconds. I am a DAMN good photographer, an all round nice person, and pretty much an extra bridesmaid (all hands on deck!)

If you invite me to capture your wedding, you don’t just get a wedding photographer. You are gonna get a photographer with a meticulous eye for capturing details, moments and stories. Someone who will mingle, and chat and laugh with your friends and family. You bet you’re ass I’m gonna be cheer-sing you with your favourite drink at the bar, low key crying during your vows and dancing up a storm with my camera on the dance floor.

Weddings should be fun. You’ve spent so long planning the perfect day (did I mention that I’m there to help with that too) I’m talking help with timelines, family photo organising, and planning everything so it goes off without a hitch!

My job, first and foremost is to capture your day in all of it’s glory, but I’m also your wedding planner, honorary bridesmaid, dress fluffer, bag holder and drink fetcher.

And if we become insta friends afterwards that is actual goals.

My hope is that one day when you’re old and grey, you’ll have a bunch of incredible photos to look back on. And not just any photos, ones that evoke emotion and bring back all the feels as though it were just yesterday.

So, what's the catch?

Well, I only take on a very limited number of weddings a year.  You are important to me, your wedding is important to me. I never overbook myself, because I need to make sure that you are getting my FULL attention, in the leadup, on the day, and while I am editing each and every photo.

What that means, is that you are not one of 60+ weddings I shoot a year. You, my friend, are part of an elite little group, a VIP, the real deal.

You are going to get NEXT LEVEl wedding photography service. You are going to get out of this world wedding photos.

And, your wedding day just got that much cooler, cus now I’m invited.

Listen, I'm gonna level with you.

Your wedding photographer, is going to spend more time with you on your special day than anyone else.

There, I said it. We are there when you’re getting ready, when the butterflies kick in before you walk down the aisle, when you’ve signed that certificate and are relaxing post ceremony with an ice cold beverage. When you’re being hugged, congratulated and hugged some more. When you enter the reception, do your speeches and let loose on the dance floor.

You want someone that you’re going to click with. Someone who feels more like a friend than an awkward third wheel with a giant camera in your face (seriously, awkward!)

So, research your photographer. Know what you’re signing up for.


Pop Quiz!

All the really important things you need to know about me.

Coffee in the AM. Red Vino in the PM
The Big Bang Theory. Everyday.
Memorising Eminem lyrics
Priceline Checkout Chick
Always sweet. Pretty please make sure I get a slice of wedding cake.

My Wedding Mantras

It is YOUR wedding day. Do whatever you like

During the reception, take 5 minutes to just sit and take it all in. Admire all the details, your guests chatting, hold each others hands and be fully present in that moment.

Do everything in your power to make sure your photo session aligns with the sunset time. Trust me. Those golden hour photos are MAGIC.

It's fine to stress out in the leadup to your big day. But on the actual day, what's done is done. Just enjoy the moments for what they are. If something goes wrong, laugh about it, it'll be a funny story one day.


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