I’m Megan Cronje.

But I much prefer Megs. I'm a new mama, monochrome loving, instagram obsessed photographer who is probably downing her fourth cup of coffee of the day. Read on for more!

I've always been a creative person. But 5 years ago, you wouldn't have found me with a camera in my hand, actually you woud have found my hubby. I was always into painting, crafting, the getting your hands dirty kind of creativity. Anyway, one day, I thought to myself I'd like to have a go at that. So hubs gave me a few lessons, and off I went. 

I dabbled with family portraits, engagement sessions, baby photos, and one day I landed my first wedding. My god, was I nervous. It's a big deal capturing someones special day. All of the time, effort, energy and money that goes into planning a wedding, and you trust it all to the photographer to capture. I was NERVOUS AF. 

Since then, I have photographed more and more weddings, and I get more excited each time. I decided to focus wholly on weddings. Why? Because you are photographing people on one of the happiest days of their lives. Sure, there is pressure, but oh my gosh, it's a privilege to be apart of something so special. 

I love getting to know each and every one of my couples. Their love story, their family, their friends. Nothing brings people together quite like a wedding. I just love everything about weddings. 


Okay. I have been married to my wonderful hubby for 5 years now, we had so much fun planning our wedding. Since then, we have travelled ALL OVER THE WORLD. Our biggest achievement was travelling to the US in 2013. We renovated a fifth wheel trailer, and drove to all 50 states (except Hawaii, cus you know, it's an island, so we flew there). It was the trip of a lifetime. 

We've settled down a bit more now. We welcomed our first child, Jasper, into our lives early 2018. I am loving being a mama. I take way too many photos of him. 

I am also obsessed with Instagram and blogging. My goal is to be a successful mummy blogger one day. I've got a whole monochrome look and feel going on, you should definitely check me out (and give me a follow!) @megscronje. 

Photography is my absolute passion, whether I'm shooting loved up couples on their wedding day, or me and my little boy in our PJs at home, you'll basically always find me with a camera in my hand. 

I only shoot a select few weddings a year, as I'm trying to find more balance in my life. So if you want to book with me (firstly, thank you, I get super excited whenever anyone expresses interest) then you better get in touch to secure your date! 


If you like what you see I would love to hear from you! 
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