Shelley reached out to me to enquire about how much it would cost for a post-wedding couples session. I sent her my rates, and she was like “sweet, lets book it in” A few days later, she messaged me and said something along the lines of “to be clear, we weren’t happy with our wedding photos (different photographer)” and basically they were hoping to get dressed back up and try take some more in a more relaxed environment.

I was soooooooo sad that they weren’t happy with their wedding pictures, when I hear things like that it breaks my heart, because, as a photographer, it’s so important to be able to capture a couples day and for them to be able to look back on their photos with fond memories, instead of, I wish our photos looked better.

Anyway, I was more than happy to accomodate, so they got dressed up, and looked amazing! And we ventured out to the park and to Burns Beach. We had a pretty stormy, overcast day, but as I, and I’m sure every other photographer out there, like to say, WE LOVE CLOUDS! They are the best diffusers, and make for perfect light!

I had so much fun with Shelley and George, they’re a down to earth couple, who are totally smitten with each other. We had so much fun taking some seriously romantic photos, and then some less serious, fun, silly pics. All in all, I’d say it was a big success!

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