I have lived in the Joondalup area for forever! I kid you not, about 5 weeks ago, I was driving along casually, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted an inroad to Lake Joondalup and I thought to myself, HOOLEY DOOLEY this location would be perfect for an engagement our couple session. Then, the lovely Jenalee + Aaron reached out to me, and weren’t sure where they wanted to have their pre wedding portrait session done. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I KNEW EXACTLY where we were going to go, you guessed it – Lake Joondalup. I am obsessed with this location, and I’ve even been hinting to hubby that I’d LOVE to get some family photos done, and this would be the best location in my opinion.

Anyway, enough about me, and more about the gorgeous Jenalee + Aaron! They are actually my sisters long time friends, and they reached out to me YEARS ago, when I just started this little photography gig, and were one of my first ever bookings. They have taken their time to set a date, don’t even blame them, but they’ve finally got one! So that meant that we could catch up and get these dreamy engagement photos! Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you all to Jenalee and Aaron!


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