Guess who got to go back to Bells Rapids for another engagement session. This chick! Twice in the same month, considering I’ve never been there in my life, I consider this a small miracle. Check out my last engagement session at Bells Rapids here.  That place is gorgeous and the photo opportunities are endless! This time we shot at a different part of the park, where the main rapids are, and where the gorgeous wooden bridge with rolling hills in the background are. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get giddy at all the different spots! Brooke and Keith were ideal engagement session clients! Keen to chase the light, laughing the whole time. Trying different poses, dancing, whispering, hugging, chatting.

Some people need a bit of direction when they’re getting their pics taken (and I totes get that, an engagement session can be mega awkward at first, and hey, that’s what I’m here for!) but Brooke and Keith were NATURALS. They couldn’t help but smile at each other, and naturally just hug and be close! It’s definitely dangerous for me when I shoot a couple like Brooke and Keith, because they’re such naturals in front of the camera, miss happy trigger over here goes nuts. And I end up creating a tonne of editing work for myself at the end. And then I can’t decide which picture is better so I just give them all! (I know, I’m terrible!) I’m a sucker for a pretty picture, at least I’m in the right job right?!

Enough about me and this dreamy engagement session, and more about Brooke and Keith. These two love birds met on Tinder, fast forward, and Keith is proposing to Brooke in the most romantic way possible. He hired one of those companies to set up a picnic for Brooke, and he said he was giving her a little gift, well while the gift may have been little, its significance was definitely not! Fast forward a little more, here they are getting their engagement photos taken, and planning their dream wedding next year in Yallingup – helloooooo even more beautiful pictures! I know it sounds so cheesy, but I honestly love hearing about peoples love stories, and I always feel so privileged when I get invited to be apart of their journey, I definitely do not take it for granted!

[pp_gallery id=”2063″]Congrats again Brooke + Keith!

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