I'm Megs, a coffee addicted creative who is all about getting that perfect romantic, golden hour, with a great blurry background shot. Beautiful wedding photography is my jam and I’m always experimenting and love to have fun with it. I take way too many pictures, but the good thing is, I never miss a moment.

I’m like a bridesmaid with a camera.

My number one goal is to be there for you. When I'm not snapping gorgeous pictures of you, I'll be an extra pair of hands on the big day. I prefer for you to see me as more of a trusted friend than a professional service. 

Your wedding day is your day

And I'm there to help you have a good time. I'm pretty laid back, and most of the time, you won't even notice me.  BUT I am always there to help you with planning, give you advice when needed and talk through all the important things that will help you have an awesome day.

Capturing your wedding pictures is my number one priority, but I really want to make sure that you have an awesome day, and have fun memories to last a lifetime, so that when you look back on your pictures, all the good feels come rushing back, as though it was just yesterday! 

the Cronje Photography Experience 

I shoot high end photos, with a very laid back approach. I try to have as much fun as possible while shooting (who want's super awkward posed wedding pics, amiright?). I take a lot of candid photos, and capture moments as they happen.

I'm there to give you advice if you need it, remind you of the timeline that you had planned beforehand, have a celebratory drink with you at the bar, and most importantly, to capture your day in all of it's glory, so that one day when you're old and gray, you'll have a bunch of incredible photos that you and your spouse will be looking at together. And the memories will come flooding right back giving you both all the feels as though it were just yesterday. 

I want my photos to tell your story.

And if you can look back on them and remember your day, almost as cleary as it just happened, I'm one happy lady. 

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